Khan’s Christmas Capers: A Jessie Harper Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Volume 2) LARGE PRINT EDITION

This is a large print paperback edition and complies with the guidelines for formatting such books. .

312 Pages 8×10 inches trim size.

Here is a quick list of everything you need to be compliant with the guidelines from most organizations like the American Council of the Blind:

Use 18 point font
Use a sans serif font
Stick to a line height of 1.5 or higher
Space your paragraphs instead of indenting them
Use ragged right text (i.e. not justified)
Titles and headings should also be a larger font and aligned to the left
Bulleted items should be double-spaced
Use only black colored text
Use bold to emphasize text instead of italics
Select a larger trim size
You can learn more about these guidelines from various organizations such as these:

The American Council of the Blind
UK Association for Accessible Formats (UKAAF)
Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

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Amateur sleuths Jessie Harper and George Jenkins, of the Dale Street Private Investigations Agency, and Jessie’s companion, the mysterious talking cat Khan set off on another murder investigation in 1930's Liverpool, England. Their old friend and mentor, Detective Sergeant Bill Roberts of the Liverpool City Police asks them to take on a cold case, a dockland murder with supernatural elements. They agree and start their own investigation just before the fifth anniversary of the murder on Christmas Eve. Their suspect is Jack Crawley, a rough dock worker with a quick temper and a history of violence. As they approach him, he denies knowing anything about the murder, but his nervousness suggests otherwise. Following Khan's lead, they investigate further and eventually uncover the truth behind the crime.

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