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Montana: A Detective Matt Deal Thriller (Detective Matt Deal Thrillers- Volume 4) Paperback by Stephen Bentley


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Following the murder of his old friend Mickey Fretwell, Deal left his post as Chief of Detectives in Florida and moved with his family to Montana. He remained in law enforcement.

In Cut Bank, Montana, Matt Deal now Sheriff Deal, and Bianca, the niece of Deal’s late friend Mickey Fretwell, investigate mysterious disappearances and rumours of corruption. But when a local P.D. officer is brutally murdered, they uncover a sinister plot linked to the powerful O'Hara family.

To restore justice, Deal and Bianca must assemble a small army of police officers and fight for their lives. In the end, justice is served, but the final image of peace will leave you wanting more.

222 pages

15.2 x 1.4 x 22.9 cm

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